The Paradox of our Age

by Right Mind



*Existence was inspired by a documentary called
Anatomy of Hate which looks at how and why
human beings dehumanize one another, leading
to violence, murder and war.

*The audio samples on this album are:

Blind and Bled- Malcom X speaking about racial
and social progress.

Refocus- ABC’s Four Corners documentary
called Fashion Victims. It covers the disaster in
Rana Plaza, Bangladesh where 1,100 garment factory
workers died in a building collapse due to little
or no safety regulations within the garment
manufacturing industry and looks at how Bangladesh’s
main industry is trying to keep up with demand from
Western fashion companies. Most denying little or any
involvment with the factory even when evidence was
found to discredit the denial of their claims.


released October 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Right Mind Melbourne, Australia

Right Mind is a punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria.
The band takes influence from the 80's/90's sub-genre Youth Crew. Their intention is to write music with lots of energy that sends out a positive message, to bring light and hope to a world clouded by consumerism, hate and ignorance.

FFO: BOLD, YOT, Turning Point, Battery, Go It Alone and Betrayed.
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Track Name: Greatest Enemy
I is the greatest enemy of all
Illusions of the self, always standing tall
The ego often flowers rotten fruits
That erode and decay into deluded minds
Pride rises our spirits while building our walls
We climb so fast, forgetting to open our doors
Standing high on our pride too scared to look down
Our feet are so far, so far from solid ground
So far from solid ground
What cost do we pay when we climb so high?
Crawling over others to assert our pride
We’re never above another while we share our condition
Humility, please come into fruition
We will never find happiness while our ego exists
I against I, swinging fists
Letting go of selfish thoughts it’s possible to believe
A humble nature can always be achieved
It can be achieved
Track Name: The Looking Glass
When was the last time we looked inside?
Looked inside to see ourselves
Not the one defined by possession or the clothes we wear
When was the last time we laid out our hearts
to see what fruits they truly bear?
Lying to ourselves each and everyday
I’m surprised that we can keep finding new ways
to trick ourselves into thinking we are better
We’ve refined narcissism right down to the letter
Paper dreams pale to the larger scheme of things
No amount of wealth can compare kindness
and the joy it brings
Nourish the mind, body or soul
So that maybe one day we can start to feel whole
When was the last time I looked inside?
To see the potential that I can never find
I see through the looking glass
I can see through the looking glass
Track Name: Blind and Bled
Monetary poverty is not the greatest crime
It's the poverty of the spirit that draws the line
We are blind because we’re being bled
all so that Gomorrah can be fed
When will we walk together on this earth hand in hand?
Instead of spilling blood over oil and land
We’re more intelligent than ever before
but our morality is lying wounded on the floor
Losing our ability to feel
are we living in a world that's real?
Pseudo lives severing ties to the ones who suffer and cry
Wealth, the true meaning we have forgotten
the dressings on our wounds are blood soaked and sodden
Our hands are stained red from trying to stop the bleeding
but the money hungry just keep on feeding
We need some form of healing
Track Name: Losing The Present
Attached and chained to our expectations
Can't see that this is our greatest limitation
Resistant to this present moment, our reality
living in our heads filled with illusions and fantasies.
We worry about things that will never happen.
And are crippled by memories, we can never change
Living in a world made up in our minds
Missing the chance to truly live in the present
Our suffering it comes from the mind
We will all understand this in due time
It's not what happens but what we think
expectations grow, our peace will shrink
When was the last time we went with the flow?
To embrace life as it comes, that of what we don't know
Our thoughts are minutes and years ahead
Can we live our life if we are never in the here and now?
We can never be open calculating our steps
plotting our lives, waiting for death
Plans have their place but moments don’t last
with every thought ahead, we lose the present to the past
Track Name: Existence
Civilians wrapped in white cloths along the roadside
Mothers crying, a breathless child held to the sky
Soldiers in black bags with deist names on the tag
Killing our own in the name of twisted beliefs
We see these images on a million screens
thinking we are safe in our homes
Behind our white picket fences lies an ugly truth
Murder and violence stains our streets
fueled by hatred and deceit
Differences now settled with the end of a knife
forever scarring lives
Fear projects demons on people we don't know
Eyes through our hands, our paranoia grows
Our enemies are just people trying to live out their dreams.
It's hard to hear through all of their screams.
We need brighter vision of things to come
before our very existence becomes undone
Understanding your enemies might make you learn
that we are no different to the ones we burn
Let's work together, stop the cycle
tear down these walls we helped to create.
Understanding with compassion is the path to empathy
to a hopeful, brighter reality.
Track Name: Action (Karma)
Acceptance of an all knowing plan
no control given to man
Events set in motion by cause and effect
the true lesson we best not forget
The lives of many flowing into one another
The dance of karma is like no other
We have free will, our choices
We control our actions and our voices.
Seeds are sown and fruits will flower
with our free will we’ve got the power
Good deeds bring opportunity
while crimes hold us in samsara’s seams
Time and time again repeating our mistakes
forever raising the stakes
Our actions have effects we will never see
rippling into other realities
When will our consequences come into play?
Future or present one cannot say
For this is cause and effect!
Track Name: Refocus
From a distance everything appears to be right
That's not the case, refocus your sight!
We’re conditioned not to see
that we are trapped in the cogs of the machine
Assigned to our places from our moment of birth
while society grows, tears fall from the earth
We all play our parts both big and small
So desperate for change, prisoners of our own walls
Every action triggers cause and effect
So busy following, we easily forget
Be aware of the seeds that we sow
We need to question what we’re shown
Question the way we live in the world
The words of wisdom are never heard
Gaia cries along with the voiceless and victimized
while greedy men spit a thousand cowardly lies
How much more shall die until we reach solid ground?
A peaceful way to live, can it ever be found?
Will it ever be found?
Track Name: Still My Mind
I’m ripped from sanity and cast into fire
where rage is my only desire
Unleashing frustration at a world gone cold
There is only so much hope one can hold
Struggling to be like the water that forever flows
to still my mind is harder than I have ever known
When will I find a calm that will bring inner peace?
So that all this sadness can be released
Still my mind so that I can find inner peace!
Track Name: Regain Control
Our thoughts they make up the world
tell me why it's so full of hurt?
Horrors in our minds becomes reality
And the cycle of suffering is all we see
Storms rage within our hearts and we have
turned hatred into an art
We are going against our natural state
feeding the fire of hate
We can all be the change we want to be
Because we have our minds, that's the beauty you see!
Regain control, take it back
Before the foundation of reason begins to crack
We need to strive for reason!
Clear our hearts from the weight of anger
And free yourself from the chains of doubt
Problems in our minds we have to erase
So this world is easier to embrace
So little time to carry out deeds of good
It's what we need to try, we always should
We need to try!
For we all have potential to lighten up this earth
instead of being enslaved in Samsara’s curse
Regain control
Track Name: Privilege
Every step we take in this life is a step towards to death
The air in our lungs, the blood in our veins,
This privilege of life we seem to forget
Have you found your meaning so you can sleep with ease?
There never waking up from this life’s complete release
We worship immortality through fame and wealth
sacrificing much more than our health
Living a life closed minded, filled with hatred,
we fail our greatest test
It will be too late to change as we sink into our final rest
Live your life by what we know
Don't miss the chance to laugh and grow
Live a life with a right mind, keep pushing on.