Architects Of Our Fate EP

by Right Mind

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released August 1, 2012



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Right Mind Melbourne, Australia

Right Mind is a punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria.
The band takes influence from the 80's/90's sub-genre Youth Crew. Their intention is to write music with lots of energy that sends out a positive message, to bring light and hope to a world clouded by consumerism, hate and ignorance.

FFO: BOLD, YOT, Turning Point, Battery, Go It Alone and Betrayed.
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Track Name: Architects Of Our Fate
What happened to that girl i knew. Who had so much potential to light up this world.
I can't seem to recognize the person I see., Who has given up all her dreams
Horrors of life set in early, It robbed her spirit and fragile mind
Emptiness grew into depressions cage, All she wanted was to hide from the pain.
I stood and watched as her light went out. I can never begin to forgive myself
I stood and watched as she wasted away. And I hold myself to blame.
All she needed was a helping hand, Someone to show her the light she lost.
I wish I could have been that guiding hand. But I was young and didn't understand
Why couldn't I have been a stronger man? I should have been that guiding hand!
The burden of guilt is mine to bear And someday I hope to see my old friend standing here
From here on out I won't be a silent witness To someone in need or suffering
I'll strength my grip so no one falls., I'll try my best and give it my all
Trying to ease this sentence that circles my headAfraid of what my conscience has said
Track Name: Hear Them
Do you see a human standing there,Or do you see something you despise?
Understand we are all flesh and blood Understand we are all brothers and sisters
You don't have to feel the pressure You can't understand everyone right to love
You can't understand the value of, The value of every human's rights
God was supposed to accept us all Instead you act as if you're the judge
How inhumane have we become we not everyone is allowed to be in love?
What have we become?When not everyones allowed to be in love?
What have we become? And who made you the judge!?
Track Name: Silenced
Silenced and bound by the red tape in our mouths
Free speech is a dream, we can only say whats allowed
Unjust ideals pushed by cemented minds
We are losing our voice, one law at a time
Entitled suits control the fate of our rights
Removed from Poverty, above the torment of sleepless nights
We are at the bottom screaming for our voice to be heard
With a view from the top they don't hear a thing
No one hears a thing!
The kids have had their say and were never heard
It's decades later with nothing learned
We are only free when we don't cross their lines
Repeating yesterdays mistakes time after time
We can't push for tomorrow if we are stuck in the past
We need forward thinking minds to expand on the truths
Pull out the thorns deep in our foundation so we can continue to grow
Track Name: Paper Dreams
Have we always been this way with a hole in our hearts?
Or has our greed based society left too many marks?
We've been brought up on consumer ideals.
Our pursuit of happiness is founded on nothing real
You're trying to fill the emptiness inside.
Brainwashed to believe this is what is right.
This is only denial through instant gratification.
It's not the answers we seek, only moral depravation!
How can we learn to change for the better
If were stuck in the cycle of supply and demand?
Over-indulgence is not our entitlement
It's a privilege that's become our greatest curse.
It's time to appreciate all that we have and stop taking everything for granted.
We are taking this for granted!
Our bodies are our temples and we should treat them as such.
Our minds are a seed don't bury it in the dust.
These are the lessons we need learn.
Otherwise we will become so out of reach. With ourselves.