Losing The Present

from by Right Mind



Attached and chained to our expectations
Can't see that this is our greatest limitation
Resistant to this present moment, our reality
living in our heads filled with illusions and fantasies.
We worry about things that will never happen.
And are crippled by memories, we can never change
Living in a world made up in our minds
Missing the chance to truly live in the present
Our suffering it comes from the mind
We will all understand this in due time
It's not what happens but what we think
expectations grow, our peace will shrink
When was the last time we went with the flow?
To embrace life as it comes, that of what we don't know
Our thoughts are minutes and years ahead
Can we live our life if we are never in the here and now?
We can never be open calculating our steps
plotting our lives, waiting for death
Plans have their place but moments don’t last
with every thought ahead, we lose the present to the past


from The Paradox of our Age, released October 11, 2014



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Right Mind Melbourne, Australia

Right Mind is a punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria.
The band takes influence from the 80's/90's sub-genre Youth Crew. Their intention is to write music with lots of energy that sends out a positive message, to bring light and hope to a world clouded by consumerism, hate and ignorance.

FFO: BOLD, YOT, Turning Point, Battery, Go It Alone and Betrayed.
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