Existence was inspired by a documentary called
Anatomy of Hate which looks at how and why
human beings dehumanize one another, leading
to violence, murder and war.


Civilians wrapped in white cloths along the roadside
Mothers crying, a breathless child held to the sky
Soldiers in black bags with deist names on the tag
Killing our own in the name of twisted beliefs
We see these images on a million screens
thinking we are safe in our homes
Behind our white picket fences lies an ugly truth
Murder and violence stains our streets
fueled by hatred and deceit
Differences now settled with the end of a knife
forever scarring lives
Fear projects demons on people we don't know
Eyes through our hands, our paranoia grows
Our enemies are just people trying to live out their dreams.
It's hard to hear through all of their screams.
We need brighter vision of things to come
before our very existence becomes undone
Understanding your enemies might make you learn
that we are no different to the ones we burn
Let's work together, stop the cycle
tear down these walls we helped to create.
Understanding with compassion is the path to empathy
to a hopeful, brighter reality.


from The Paradox of our Age, released October 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Right Mind Melbourne, Australia

Right Mind is a punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria.
The band takes influence from the 80's/90's sub-genre Youth Crew. Their intention is to write music with lots of energy that sends out a positive message, to bring light and hope to a world clouded by consumerism, hate and ignorance.

FFO: BOLD, YOT, Turning Point, Battery, Go It Alone and Betrayed.
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