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ABC’s Four Corners documentary
called Fashion Victims. It covers the disaster in
Rana Plaza, Bangladesh where 1,100 garment factory
workers died in a building collapse due to little
or no safety regulations within the garment
manufacturing industry and looks at how Bangladesh’s
main industry is trying to keep up with demand from
Western fashion companies. Most denying little or any
involvment with the factory even when evidence was
found to discredit the denial of their claims.


From a distance everything appears to be right
That's not the case, refocus your sight!
We’re conditioned not to see
that we are trapped in the cogs of the machine
Assigned to our places from our moment of birth
while society grows, tears fall from the earth
We all play our parts both big and small
So desperate for change, prisoners of our own walls
Every action triggers cause and effect
So busy following, we easily forget
Be aware of the seeds that we sow
We need to question what we’re shown
Question the way we live in the world
The words of wisdom are never heard
Gaia cries along with the voiceless and victimized
while greedy men spit a thousand cowardly lies
How much more shall die until we reach solid ground?
A peaceful way to live, can it ever be found?
Will it ever be found?


from The Paradox of our Age, released October 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Right Mind Melbourne, Australia

Right Mind is a punk/hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria.
The band takes influence from the 80's/90's sub-genre Youth Crew. Their intention is to write music with lots of energy that sends out a positive message, to bring light and hope to a world clouded by consumerism, hate and ignorance.

FFO: BOLD, YOT, Turning Point, Battery, Go It Alone and Betrayed.
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